Tuesday’s Weekly Primer: The concerted push to address vaccine production shortages


“WHO can support this process by identifying gaps and providing a “matchmaking” service between vaccine producers and companies with capacity.”

It was pointed out by one commentator on twitter, why did he not name C-TAP here, as he has done in the past.

This omission of not mentioning C-TAP is perhaps not so surprising. After all, IFPMA, a key partner of the ACT Accelerator has long dismissed C-TAP.

Also read this in conjunction with the on-going Global C19 Vaccine Supply Chain & Manufacturing Summit organized by COVAX partners including IFPMA.

This summit, convened under Chatham House rules, is meant to “provide a platform to explore a range of solutions to address bottlenecks both short-term and longer term and lead to a series of recommendations on the priority areas for monitoring and/or action,” according to a concept note of the event.

Image Credit: Pexels Francesco Ungaro 96381

This story was updated on March 10, to link to the following documents:

Global C19 Vaccine Supply Chain & Manufacturing Summit:

Towards Vaccinating The World Landscape of Current COVID-19 Supply Chain and Manufacturing Capacity, Potential Challenges, Initial Responses, and Possible “Solution Space” — a Discussion Document





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